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Everything is presented in the chronological order to show how much I have progressed and changed as a filmmaker. This is what I have done so far in my career.

May 2019


My Role - Producer:
An upcoming short neo-noir film about a hitman that made a deadly decision and now has to look over his shoulder.
For this production I was in charge of creating and execution of the production schedule, project managing a 15 person team, getting the location rights, finding the actors, and finding sponsorships.

May 2019

رمضان يقربنا لبعضنا، لنفسنا، للخير

My Role - Set Dresser:

This is a commercial for Honor Arabia which I was hired as a set dresser for. I was responsible for making sure that every scene was put together to the directors liking and that there were no continuity issues. I was also in charge of picking out which props would suit the scene and which would not. I had also led a small group of people which would help me set the whole thing up.

This was the first professional shoot that I have been involved in. Even though I had the background in Art Department I ended up learning a lot.

January - 2019


My Role - Producer:

Award wining documentary by Black Sheep Film Festival (BSFF) - For Best Documentary

When you think of Meena Bazaar, you think of shops. But one thing people rarely think of is the stories behind them. Today we will be looking at Muhammad Asghar, not only is he a shoe seller from Pakistan, but also one of the first shop owners in Meena Bazaar. He opened his shop in 1975 when the shop license was just a piece of paper stating they can open a business. Join him as he tells his story.

As a producer of this documentary, I was in charge of planning and organising the shoot, creating a call sheet, making sure that all the crew was aware of what they are doing. In addition, I was making sure that our contributor was on board with the project and that he knew when we were shooting.

September 2018


My Role - Production Designer:

Blind Justice is based on a true story of a 14-year-old boy called Goerge. This film shows a brief unfair part of his life and the last few living moments that he had.

The film is set in the 1940's South Carolina, America where execution by electric chair was prominent back then and would also be applied to children as young as George. This film shows the injustice that would happen back in that time. 

As a production designer, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a team of 4 people. As we were in the art department we had to organise all the props and costumes. In addition, we not only had to get props but also get find somebody who can make some of our props. 

July 2018


My Role - Co-Producer & Co-Art Director:

A Simple Dream is slapstick comedy about a boy who is socially shy and who got a big crush on a life gourd that he saw at the pool. Throughout the film, he is trying to figure out how he can impress her. 

April 2018


My Role - Art Director: 

Malak is a myth about an enigmatic woman who helps a family move into their new home. Assisting them in everything when in return she’s seducing the man of the house. The only thing she really is this family’s darkest nightmare.

As an art director, I had to get a whole list of props and costumes made for this project. I then scouted Dubai in order to get everything from the list. I was on set throughout the shooting process and was also in charge of making that all the props are placed in their correct place and that there are no continuity errors. 

April 2018


My Role - Producer:

This was a music video created for the song Oxygen by Omar Addis. The video follows Rose a girl going through heartbreak whilst she remembers all the great memories that she had to spend with Rob. 

As a producer, I was in charge of making sure that all the right paperwork was done for this project as in all the contracts, paperwork that allowed us to shoot at the beach and so on. 

December 2017


My Role - Director and Writer:

The Doll is a student-led project, which was a satirical comedy based on the horror genre. This film follows a teenage boy who is being tormented and stocked by a children doll. The boy not realising what it wants from him at first doesn't notice it, however, it all escalates from there.





An IB curriculum place of education for Middle School (MYP) up to High School Diploma (CP). Subjects studied include Theatre Arts Higher Level, English Literature Standard Level, Environmental Systems and Societies Standard Level, Mathematics Studies Standard Level, and Psychology Standard Level.


2017-(expected) 2019

BA, Bachelor of Film. Trained in Camera techniques, Production techniques, Cinematography, Production design, Screen writing and Project management

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