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Schedules, call sheets, script breakdowns and so much more I have grown to love doing in the last two years. Since joining SAE Dubai my passion for being part of a team and going from script to screen has rapidly grown into knowing this is my one and only profession. When I started working on short film projects/productions the idea was to learn and understand the process behind bringing something engaging to an audience. Now fast forward two years later the goal is the same but the skills and knowledge I have gained in the process of filmmaking means I consider myself a reliable and hardworking production team member.

For these last couple of years the main area I have worked on within student productions has been as the Producer where I have understood and experienced working from idea and development to execution and therefore understand the skills needed to be a strong team member within the production department. I can confidently take charge of a number of prep work such as crewing, script breakdowns, shooting schedules, contracts, location scouting, basic budgeting and doing all of this while working closely with a project’s Director, DOP, Art director and other crew members.

Apart from student productions I have been fortunate enough to have worked with professional production companies such as bKreative Productions and other independent projects. I have been told I am rather organised! Work well in a team, have positive attitude and a pretty good driver and super allergic to gluten! I love to work hard and have a good laugh while I am doing it. My passion for film is not just the story being told but the team I get to work with to bring the powerful medium to life. 




Production Design-Art Directing 




Management skills 

Communication skills 

Organisation skills 

Problem-solving skills

Bilingual (Russian & English)


We have finally finished all the necessary requirements that had been assigned to us, everything is submitted and now all that is left is to sit here...

STUDIO 3: The end of the "A Crimson Funeral" productions [Week 13]

May 11, 2019

This week was finally when we submit everything. The final film, the trailer, BTS, poster and any other paperwork that we had to submit. It was a bit...

STUDIO 3: The end of the project [Week 12]

May 11, 2019

This week we had a workshop which focused on how to properly plan out the shooting schedule when we are producing a short film. This was mainly for th...

STUDIO 3: Colour Grading [Week 11]

May 3, 2019

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